Pottery Trail

Learn the pottery secrets on an interesting trial along the Zadrečka Valley

The pottery trial leads from Nazarije through the places of the Zadrečka valley. You will visit Žlabor, Kokarje, Potok, Pusto polje and Lačja vas, where the famous Zadrečka pottery was well developed in the past. The second part of the trail leads through Gorica, a forested tertiary terrace between Savinja and Dreta, where potters once dug clay for their products. Even today, well-visible caves are archaeological documents of traditional Zadrečka pottery.

Key Information

[mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] STARTING POINT: Vrbovec Castle, Nazarje (386 m above sea level)[mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] END POINT: Vrbovec Castle, Nazarje (386 m above sea level)[mks_icon icon = “fa-blind” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] DIFFICULTY: easy marked trial[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrows-v” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE: highest point Gorica near Lačja vas (400 m above sea level)[mks_icon icon = “fa-clock-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] TIME: 3 hours[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrow-circle-o-right” color = “# 79ba39” type = “fa”] RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: hiking boots, hiking poles[mks_icon icon = “fa-cutlery” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] FOOD: Restaurant Grad ob sotočju, Ranč Burger Veniše[mks_icon icon = “fa-tree” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] SIGHTS: Vrbovec Nazarje Castle, Museum of Forestry and Woodworking, Franciscan Monastery Nazarje, Church of the Virgin Mary Kokarje, Church of St. Katarina in Gorica near Lačja vas, Burger Veniše Ranch[mks_icon icon = “fa-bed” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Burger Veniše, Red Star Hostel


Muzej Vrbovec
Savinjska cesta 4, Nazarje

t: 040 345 630, 03 8939 16 13
e: muzej.vrbovec@siol.net

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