Raduha (2.062m)

Are you ready to conquer the 2,000 m Raduha. It is a popular mountain point that always rewards visitors with divine views of the Savinjska region.

A wide view, lush alpine flora and a marked mountain trail are the recipe for an unforgettable day on a mountain. There are several ways to reach Raduha. Enrich your trip with a visit to Snow Cave, the highest lying tourist cave in Slovenia featuring winter temperatures even during the summer. The cave, which lies near Koča na Loki, can be viewed in the summer months with reservation.


Starting point: Koča na Loki (1.534 m)
Altitude difference: 528 m 
Walking time:
1.30 h
Difficulty: nezahtevna markirana pot

The Slovenian mountain trail also runs along this trail.

Od Koče na Loki vodita na Raduho tudi nezahtevna markirana pot čez Durce (2 uri) in nezahtevna markirana pot čez planino Arto (2 uri).

From Koča na Loki a low difficulty marked path across Durce (2 hours) and a low difficulty marked path across Arto mountain (2 hours) also lead to Raduha.


Starting point: at the entrance of Luče, by the bridge over the Savinja river (522 m)
Altitude difference: 1.540 m 
Walking time: 4.30 h (Luče – Koča na Loki 3 h, Koča na Loki-Raduha 1.30 h)
Difficulty:a low difficulty marked path

Varnost naj bo na prvem mestu

Priporočamo, da se v gore odpravite v spremstvu usposobljenega vodnika. Poskrbite za ustrezno psihofizično pripravljenost in primerno opremo. Pridobite informacije o vremenskih in drugih razmerah na predvideni poti. Predvsem v visokogorju je lahko v določenih obdobjih še veliko snega, vreme pa se lahko zelo hitro spreminja. Pred obiskom gora preberite zgibanko Varneje v gore in priporočila Planinske zveze Slovenije.

Safety First

We recommend that you go to the mountains accompanied by a qualified guide. Make sure that you are psychologically and physically fit, and have appropriate equipment. Prior to departure check the weather information and other conditions on the planned route. Especially at the higher altitudes weather conditions can change very quickly. Before visiting the mountains, read the Safety Leaflet and the recommendations of the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia.

Raduha (2.062 m) – Information

TIC Luče
Luče 106
SI- 3334 Luče
t: +386 3 839 35 55
e: tic@luce.si

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