Rečica ob Savinji

Small town featuring with a Pillar of Shame is hiding  some of the most amazing natural treasures in Slovenia. You will not be bored here.

Camp Menina and the municipality of Rečica is mostly visited by foreign tourists, with numbers increasing each year, especially those that are excited by active holidays. A rich offer for family tourism includes getting to know the entire destination Savinjska and Šaleška Valleys.

Sights and tourist spots in Rečica ob Savinji:

  • Pranger the Pillar of Shame, once used to punish criminals
  • Tavčarjev dvor, a monument of cultural heritage from the 16th century.

Experiences in Rečica ob Savinja:

  • water sports, kayaking and rafting on Savinja,
  • adrenaline park,
  • swimming a in a small lake at one of the largest campsites in Slovenia.

Events in Rečica ob Savinji:

  • Od lipe do prangerja, a traditional tourist event with the receding old customs;
  • Completion for the best Zgornjesavinjski Želodec dried meats delicacy;
  • Lenart’s Fair, an event held in memory of the former trade fair in the Upper Savinja Valley.

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