Robanov kot Landscape Park

Robanov kot is a glacial valley in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, its beauty is comparable to the neighbouring Logarska Valley.

On Roban‘s Jože paths

Lonely farms and homesteads give the valley a particularly hospitable picture. Roban’s farm together with the farms Govc, Vršnik, Knez and Haudej exposes tourists to a unique cultural landscape. It is becoming a popular tourist spot for lovers of nature and hiking. An hour walk away you will reach Roban’s hut, which is one of the few huts still left in the Solčava mountains. Robanov’s Jože was a destingvished nature lover who wrote numerous stories about Robanov kot.

The bottom of the valley is filled with gravel and birch, above which the mighty peaks of Križevnik, Veliki vrh, Molička mountain, Krofička, Strelovec and Ojstrica rise quickly.

The friendly housewives in the homesteads, who have been living with nature for centuries, will gladly spoil you with homemade delicacies, among which you should not forget to taste the dry meat of the Zgornjesavinjski Želodec dried meats delicacy.

Access to Robanov kot

You arrive to Robanov by turning on the road between Luče and Solčava. In the park, riding with bicycles and motor vehicles is prohibited.

STARTING POINT: Parking Robanov kot (651m)
END POINT: Roban’s hut (892m)
DIFFICULTY: lightly marked mountain path
WHAT TO EAT: mushrooms and sour milk, Upper Savinja Stomach and other homemade delicacies at the Govc Vršnik Tourist Farm and Roban’s Poultry Farm.


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