Rep Waterfall and Žager Mill

Take a pleasant half-hour walk. From the magical, 250-year-old Žager Mill the path leads past a larger puddle with a diverse fauna and flora to the refreshing Rep Waterfall.

Žager Mill in Petkov’s Puddle

The circular trail starts along the road in the Podvolovjek Valley. Striking and well-preserved Žager Mill is more than 250 years old and one of the few water-powered mills that is still operating. It is trapped in lush vegetation that thrives along the Lučnica stream, not far from the main road. Through a mysterious forest, the path leads to Petkov’s Puddle. This artificially based biotope is home to a variety of insects and amphibians, so take some time to stop and observe the small living creatures.

Rep Waterfall a Secret Calming Waterfall 

The scenic path leads to a 25-meter-high picturesque waterfall with two water basins. Take time to rest in the soothing water that glides over the rock stopping in the green pools. A beautiful place to relax and take a few photographs.

Access to the starting point:

In the center of Luče, turn left, in the direction of Podvolovjek Valley, and after about 7 kilometers, pay attention to the left signpost Repov slap. The easy marked trail Žagerski mlin — Repov slap requires up to half an hour of walking.

Experiences and sights nearby:

Igla, Snow Cave, Rafting, Fishing

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