Sailing and Swimming in Nature

Lake Velenje with a well-arranged beach will inspire sailors, surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. Come and cool off in the lake during the hot summer days. You can also take advantage on one of many wild beaches along the Savinja River.

Water sports and swimming on Velenje’s lake

Some have called Lake Velenje, Velenje’s sea of Velenje, because of varied selection of water sports. You can choose between many activities:

  • sailing course for the youngest in optimist class,
  • sailing course on larger sailing boats,
  • SUP (board excursions, yoga on the board),
  • surfing.

In the summer, Lake Velenje reaches temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, so many bathers and swimmers gather around it.

Velenje’s Beach

The Velenje beach offers a pebbly beach, grassy surfaces, food and drinks. There is also a dedicated beach for pets. Lake Velenje is impeccable, it still doesn’t have bathing water status so enjoy it your own risk.

Foto: Tadej Živko

Cool off in the pools of the Savinja river

In the summer time, the Savinja river reaches up to 20 degrees Celsius in some parts. Its shores are diverse, partly sandy and sometimes surrounded by smooth stones. There are nice shaded corners that protect against strong sun rays. Despite the fact that some sites along the Savinja River are very popular “wild” beach areas, the Savinja river does not have the status of bathing water, so enjoy it at your own risk.

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