Šalek Mountain Trail

The trail takes you at the edge of Šalek Valley. It is about 84 km long and it will take you around 30 hours for you to finish it. There are 21 check points on the trail. You will find them in mountain lodges, farm houses and the last check point is at the Velenje Museum located in the Velenje Castle

Key Information

[mks_icon icon=”fa-flag-o” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] STARTING POINT: Gostilna Verdelj (Localy Kavčič ), Šalek 14, 3320 Velenje – under Šalešk Castele[mks_icon icon=”fa-flag-o” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] END POINT: Velenje Museum in the Velenje Castle [mks_icon icon=”fa-blind” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] DIFFICULTY: easy marked trail[mks_icon icon=”fa-arrows-v” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE:[mks_icon icon=”fa-clock-o” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] TIME: 30h[mks_icon icon=”fa-arrow-circle-o-right” color=”#79ba39″ type=”fa”] SUGGESTED EQUPMENT: hiking shoes[mks_icon icon=”fa-cutlery” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] FOOD: Dom na Gori Oljki, Restaurant Pri Vidi Zavodnje, Restaurant Savinek, Mountain lodge Andrejev dom na Slemenu, Restaurant Volk, Tourist Farm Tuševo, Tourist Farm Apat, Turistična kmetija Karničnik, Homestead Lamperček, Resto (Hotel Paka), Restaurant Hren[mks_icon icon=”fa-tree” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] SIGHTS AND EXPERIENCES: Terme Topolšica; Kajuh Memorial Building near Žlebnik, Zavodnje; Memorial Park of the XIV Division, Graška Gora; Kavčnik Homestead, Zavodnje; Leathercraft Museum of Slovenia; Gonžarjeva peč – ferata, Lopatnik; Homestead Lamperček, Vinska Gora; Velenjski Castle[mks_icon icon=”fa-bed” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] ACCOMMODATIONS:  Hotel Paka, Hotel Razgoršek, Mladinski hotel Velenje, Prenočišče Mraz, Tourist Farm Tuševo, Tourist Farm Apat, Veduna Retreats Center, Hotel Vesna in Mladika (Terme Topolšica), Mountain lodge Andrejev dom na Slemenu.

Trail Description 

The trail is marked with Knafelc Blaze , a letter Š and with metal and wooden signposts. For a more authentic experience learn about the places along the way, take a look at the Šalek Mountain Trail Guide. Šalek Mountain Trail Guide and diary can be purchased in the office of the Mountain Society Velenje (PD Velenje) and in TIC Velenje. The Diary features a stamp card, control points with a sketch of the trials and time distances between individual points. You can deliver the stamp card to the office of PD Velenje where you will receive commemorative badge for completing the trail.

Online Exhibition – ŠŠP

Take a look at an interesting exhibition about the trail and its people. The exhibition was created to mark the 45th anniversary of the publication of the guide.



Mountain Society Velenje – Planinsko društvo Velenje
Prešernova 22/d, SI-3320 Velenje
t: +386 (0)3 587 11 34
e: www.pd-velenje.si   

Šalek Valley Tourist Board – Zavod za turizem Šaleške doline
Stari trg 3, SI-3320 Velenje
t: +386 (0)3 896 17 15
e: turizem@velenje.si

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