Savinjska – Kingdom of Nature

Savinjska is an intertwining of  love betweeen humans and nature. The locals strive to maintain this friendship and share it with all of you who respect the natural resources, cultural heritage and appreciate the environmentally friendly tourist offer.

Savinjska, the Kingdom of Picturesque Landscape Parks

Under the magnificent walls of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, shines one of the most idyllic corners of Slovenia, the Logarska Valley landscape park, which has also received the enviable Slovenia Green Parks award. Logarska Valley is not the only natural gem worth experiencing in the Savinjska region. 

Solčava is a harmony of three valleys, a harmony of exceptional nature and sustainable tourism, which you will feel at every step. The neighboring landscape park Robanov kot, which leads to a winding promenade, is exceptionally peaceful, as visiting the park is only allowed on foot. The Golte Landscape Park rises above 1,400 meters above Mozirje, and is accessible by cable car.

There are other extremely interesting protected nature areas. Excellent points for a trip into the embrace of nature are Smrekovec, a rich water source and the NATURE 2000 area, as well as the karst plateau Menina planina dotted with pastures, featuring a forest reserve with ancient trees.

Savinjska, the Kingdom of Hidden Natural Pearls and Sights  

Just a stone throw away from the most popular natural attractions, there are corners of nature, which are not very well known among visitors, but are also worth experiencing. Waterfall lovers will be thrilled by Rep’s waterfall with the 250-year-old Žagerski mill, which is one of the few still running on water. The Savinjska region is also adorned with many protected trees, such as Solčava Yew. Richer Fir more than 700 years old  with a circumference of 560 centimeters is the thickest measured conifer tree in the area. If bird watching is close to your heart, pay attention to the Tyrian furnaces and the nesting grounds of the mountain eagle above Ljubno ob Savinji.

Savinjska, the Kingdom of Sensual, Green and Sustainable Experiences

If you are among those who respect nature, you will not be bored in Savinjska. Treat yourself to a five-star experience of 5 Senses, 2 Women, 1 Herbal Garden = 5* Experience, which received the prestigious Slovenia Unique Experience label, a guarantee of an original, local and authentic premium quality experience that follows the principles of sustainability. You can also awaken your senses with the Alpine wellness experience Energy of authentic nature – Logarska for you.

Escape to the Alpine vineyard, get to know the Logarska Valley Legends, experience the Forest Fairy Tale, written by the history of Luče’s foresters. Wood and forests are strongly embedded in the Upper Savinja tradition, they are part of the local identity, so it is not surprising that they proudly incorporate this heritage into their experiences. Discover the Secret of Woodworking or embark on a Water Adventure that reveals Log drivers stories.

Did you know that Mozirski gaj, one of the most beautiful flower parks in Slovenia, created on a former illegal landfill? Today you can explore the Flowering Meadow, a walk into the heart of Mozirje.

Looking for a green experience for groups? Fun Ethno-fletno games are a great idea for larger gatherings. Interactive performances and imaginative games draw content from old Savinja stories, so in addition to good will, you will also take away some knowledge!

Wander in a Environmentally Friendly Way! 

Avoid noise and contribute to nature conservation. You feel the true power of the friendship of nature and man. The most beautiful and most memorable are the trips when we realize how great nature is. You can come for a walk or take a bike trip, you can also use the increasingly popular e-bikes that you can rent to help you overcome the slopes. Breathe and step hand in hand with nature!

Green Awards and Certificates for Heartfelt Efforts

Ste vedeli, da so številni turistični ponudniki v Savinjski dolini prejemniki priznanj in certifikatov za trajnostno naravnanost in zeleno usmeritev? Preverite nekaj zanimivosti in napotkov za ohranjanje narave!

Did you know that many tourist providers in the Savinja Valley are recipients of various certificates and awards for environmental sustainability. Check out some interesting facts and tips for nature conservation!


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