Savinjska Spiritual Retreat

Awaken your inner feelings, experience something special and change your view of the world. Travel into the thousand-year history of the Savinjska region in a slightly different way, experience the past through your senses, with the aromatic and delicious habits of the Benedictines, listen to musical harmonies of the Ljubljana bishops and authentic culinary tastes. Experience the peace and unique life of the Klaris sisters living in a strict enclosure far away from the crazy world. Historical wellness is a unique experience that will enrich you with new knowledge and feelings.

Slovenia Unique Experience

Savinjska Spiritual Retreat is a unique 5-star experience, awarded Slovenia Unique Experience label by the Slovenian Tourist Board and ranked as of the most beautiful and unique experiences in Slovenia. The prestigious label is a guarantee for an original, local and authentic premium quality experience that follows the principles of sustainability. Stop time and immerse yourself in an unforgettable boutique experience!

Visual experience of the periods  

Under largest Slovenian cathedral, you will travel through the most important periods of Gornji Grad. Discover the mysterious period of the Benedictine monastery, the glorious period of the bishops of Ljubljana, when the mighty defensive walls were built around the Cathedral of St. Mohor and Fortunato and the manor. An instructive visual introduction to interesting pampering.

Savinjska Benedictine aromatherapy with caressing of the palate

Be enchanted by the scents of Benedictine incense, prepared by young herbalists following the example of the Benedictines. The Benedictines reigned in Gornji Grad for 333 years, until 1473. The mysterious monks, after whom the famous Menina planina Plateau is named, knew how to take care of their well-being. Buckwheat was mentioned for the first time in Slovenia during the Benedictine period, and medicinal and other edible plants that had special power grew in herb gardens. 

Savinjska sound bath in the largest Slovenian cathedral

Listen to the might and majestic silence under the imposing cathedral dome. The choir will play nostalgic music of psalms from the period of the Bishop of Ljubljana Tomaž Hren, who loved to create in Gornji Grad, where he is also buried.

Innovative Savinjska Feast

After the sound bath, head towards the Štekl Museum, where a great feast awaits you. Lunch according to indigenous recipes and authentic dishes. On the plate there will be a delicious smoked trout, once an extremely prized dish of the bishops of Ljubljana. Marinated in honey, smoked with pear wood. A glass of homemade wine and water from the benevolent Žegnani spring will fit next to it. For dessert, there will be traditional ajdnek, a delicious delicacy from buckwheat dough, minced walnuts and honey.

Conversation with the Klaris Sisters

Take the time for an interactive conversation with the Klaris Sisters, who live in an strict isolation in Nazarje and have little contact with the outside world. The Sisters live in isolation far away from the public eye, where they contemplate faith, pray and sing to the Almighty. Guests will listen to their singing and then enjoy a relaxed conversation where you will learn whatever you want about their lifestyle and the way of thinking.

Video recording and photography are prohibited on the premises.

Guides Maja and Amanda

Herbalists and storytellers Maja and Amanda create in the heart of Gornji Grad. With respect and understanding of the past, they explore and revive the world co-created by the mysterious Benedictines, the bishops of Ljubljana and many other giants who worked in Gornji Grad.

Under the brand Babave , they have already created an experience of 5 senses, 2 grandmothers, 1 herb garden, which is the recipient of the Slovenia Unique Experience label. In addition, they are the winners of the Big See Tourism Design Awards 2020.

Amanda Kladnik is a great lover of herbs, also a practitioner of traditional European medicine TEH Praktikerin (Traditionelle Europäische Heilkunde). Maja Žerovnik is an NPK herbalist / producer and a certified guide of forest therapy.

The experience is intended for seekers of inner peace and curious people who are interested in learning about heritage in a different way. It is performed for groups of up to 7 people. 

When? 22th May 2023

Information and reservations – Savinjska Spiritual Retreat

Babave d.o.o.
Attemsov trg 19
3342 Gornji Grad

Digitization of Gornji Grad’s cultural heritage and the Savinjska Spiritual Retreat were created within the Upper Savinja Valley 2 under the Public tender for co-financing the development and promotion of the tourist offer of leading tourist destinations successfully submitted by the RA-SAŠA.

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