6 Tips for Summer Refreshment in Savinjska

Looking for ideas for a pleasant summer refreshment? We prepared some tips for you. Experience the various water adventures on the Savinja river, go to the Golte with a cable car, cool down in the magic Savinjska waterfalls and explore the underground world. Take a swim and a refreshing drink at Terme Topolšica or Lake Velenje, which is around 23 ° C during the summer. Welcome to the refreshing Savinjska :)!

1. River Savinja – refreshing water 

The heart of the Savinjska valley is the Savinja River, which is fed by various streams of the Kamnik Savinja Alps. It is not only known for its beauty, but stands out with numerous attractions such as the Waterfall Rinka, springs of the Črna, Savinja Gorge near Igla, but also the numerous possibilities for water sports.

Rafting with family and friends, kayaking and fishing are a great idea for summer refreshment! In some areas Savinja offers pleasant shaded corners for lounging and pleasant summer reading.

2. Escape to Golte – with a Gondola Above 1,400 m

Did you know that the summer temperatures on Golte are very pleasant? On the high karst plateau, which represents the eastern entrance into the mighty Kamnik-Savinja Alps, you can enjoy temperatures around 20ºC during hot summer days. The cable car leads to the 1,400 m from where you can explore the green landscape.

Take the Golte Trail, visit the Alpine Garden, where indigenous plants thrive, enjoy a great view of the Koča pr ‘Žlajferju, where there are smaller ponds with a view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Because the weather can change quickly, do not forget to bring warm clothes.

3. Wonderful Waterfalls – Waterfall Rinka and Waterfall Rep

Have you been to the powerful 90 m tall Waterfall Rinka, considered one of the most beautiful and most visited waterfalls in Slovenia? Listen to the sound of the thousands of drops and allow them to touch your face. A little less known but equally wonderful is the Waterfall Rep in Podvolovjek that can be reach by an easy trail.

4. Secret World of Caves – Pekel Cave and Snow Cave

You can escape the high temperatures by escaping to the underground. Even though one of them has hell (Pekel) in the name, Pekel Cave is around 3 million years old and offers  a pleasant temperature of  10° C. On Saturdays & Sundays or with a prior arrangement you can visit the Snow Cave. The cave is located at the high altitude and it is the highest laying cave in Slovenia. Due to the climate changes access is limited. Do not forget to bring appropriate attire. 

5. Put on Your Bathing Suit and Visit Velenje Beach

Velenje Beach in 2018 received a title “The Best Natural Beach in Slovenia”. Many visitors enjoy various activities at Velenje Lake such as swimming, SUP, surfing or diving for sunken villages. The water temperature in the summer months is around 22 ° C.

6. Water park & Topolšica Spa

In cold rain or the hot summer sun, Terme Topolšica Spa are the right answer for a harmony of well-being. Visit the indoor-outdoor swimming complex Topolšica.

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