Snow Cave

Snow Cave (Snežna jama) is the highest lying tourist cave in Slovenia. It is more than 1300m long underground cave, 10 to 12 million years old and is a true experience for underground lovers.


Visit unique underground place using carbide lamps

The Snow Cave (1556 m), 630m of it is accessible to visitors accompanied by a guide. The peculiarity of the cave is the coexistence of ice and snow, which is quite rare at an altitude above 1500m. Beautiful stalagmites that reach up to 21 m high, ice sculptures and moonmilk give the cave an attractive appearance and create an excellent living environment for endemic cave bugs.

Moonmilk (malgonite) that adorns some halls of the Snow Caves occurs only in seven tourist caves in Europe. It contains bacteria present in cow’s milk.

The cave tour lasts up to 2 hours, due to constant low temperatures (0-4 ° C), warm clothing and suitable footwear is required. The helmet and the carbide lamp are provided by the guide. You can combine the tour with a mountain hike to Raduha (2062 m), from where there is an exceptional view of the Savinja river valleys.

Access to the Snow Cave:

In the vicinity of Luče, in the village of Strmec, you take a local road which goes straight uphill (direction Snow Cave, Koča na Loki). The asphalt road turns into a macadam after 6km, after approximately 17 km you will reach parking lot at the Snow Cave, from where there it is another 10-minute walk to the entrance.

The cave is open in July and August according to a predetermined schedule. You can arrange a viewing for larger groups (over 20 people) outside the schedule.

Mountain trail Snow Cave – Raduha (2062 m)

You can add to the Snow Cave with a mountain hike to Raduha, from where you can enjoy stunning views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Opening hours – Snow Cave

Information – Snow Cave:

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