The old centre of the Šalek valley, first mentioned in 1199, is now known for its nearby thermal baths with a favourable position and climatic conditions for health and relaxation.

The Šoštanj area was inhabited by its native people until the Middle Ages. Due to its geographical location acting as a link between Koroška and Savinja valleys it developed a vibrant market.

The economic development of Šoštanj continued with the leather industry of the Vošnjak family, which in Šoštanj set up one of the largest leather plants in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The urban development of the Šoštanj area was halted due to coal excavation, which resulted in the formation of the Družmirsko Lake the deepest lake in Slovenia. Today Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant generates on average one third of all Slovenian electricity, children often referring to it as the “cloud factory” because of the steady steam that flows from its chimneys.

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Sights and tourist spots in Šoštanj and its surroundings

  • Museum of leather industry in Slovenia,
  • Ruins of the 12th century Šoštanj’s Castle,
  • Ethnographic monument Kavčnik’s homestead in Zavodnje,
  • Memorial room in Topolšica, dedicated to the memory of the signature of one of the four surrender agreements of the German army,
  • Villa Široko, former residence of the Vošnjak family,
  • Villa Mayer, a protocol building featuring a collections of academic sculptor Ivan Napotnik, horticultural collection of Alojz Kojc and part of the home collection of Zvone A. Čebul.
  • Kajuh’s memorial.

Visit the protocol facility with a sculptural collection of academic sculptor Ivan Napotnik, horticultural collection of Alojz Kojc and part of the home collection of Zvone A. Čebul.

At Žlebnik in Šentvid above Zavodnje, in the homestead where the famous Slovene poet Karl Destovnik-Kajuh fell in 1944, the Šoštanj Municipality opened the poet’s memorial plaque.

Experiences in Šoštanj and its surroundings:

  • Terme Topolšica, wellness, swimming and water park
  • Panoramic flight above Šaleška dolina
  • Cycling and hiking trails, Nordic walking
  • Tour of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant

Terma Topolšica has been attracting visitors from the 16th century. Visit the water park, swim in the pools and relax in the wellness center.

Events in Šoštanj:

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