Špančeva Vineyard Cottage (Špančeva zidanica)

Špančeva zidanica with an exceptional oak press from 1791 is one of the oldest and best preserved vineyard cottages in Slovenia

Špančeva zidanica from 1818 is a place where time stops

A nostalgic path will lead you  brick wine cellar with an apartment under which centuries-old vines grow. Špančeva zidanica is a real cultural and ethnological gem of the Slovenian vine culture.

Here excellent wine is made from first-class grapes in a traditional oak press from 1791. Winemaker Anže Podgoršek will be happy to explain the process over a glass of top-quality vine. You will get an insight on how  traditional cellaring looks like, and how wine and wine bread are made.

Taste a Unique Vine from Indigenous White Grapes

In Šmartno ob Paki, the vineyards are located at the highest altitudes in Slovenia. Travelers and seekers of relaxation love to visit the Wine Tourist Trail, one of the hospitable winemakers who have been creating more and more unique and globally recognized wines in recent years. In Špančeva zidanica, a unique wine is made from the autochthonous white vine ranfol, and the palates will also be delighted by tasting a special feature – wine bread.

Welcoming Tradition 

More than two centuries ago, Anžet’s great-grandfather Andrej Podgoršek started a strong family tradition on a scenic piece of land, in addition to a unique vine. He set up a mighty oak press, which is still used today by his successors, in the vineyard cottage you cen steel taste a unique wine and local food..

Experience the Alpine vineyard and enjoy an experience where you can also visit Špančeva Vineyard Cottage. A real experience for groups, couples, lovers of cycling and wine tasting. 

Information – Špančeva zidanica:

Mali vrh 56
3327 Šmartno ob Paki
t: 031 348 676
e: spancevazidanica@gmail.com

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