Mineral Water Spring

Mineral water spring is a sparkling water spring under Olševa, that is prescribed healing powers. It is considered a natural treasure of Slovenia.

Health from Nature

Water that comes from the spring is naturally rich in iron and carbon dioxide. Due to high iron content some of the spring are referred to as iron acid spring. Water is drinkable and has a distinct taste

The Center for the Development and Scientific Research of Mineral Waters in Maribor wrote that the water from the spring below Olševa has specific iron minerals, calcium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate type, which has not yet been found in Slovenia. At the spring you will find a pot for tasting water.

European research has shown that even after 10 days of drinking this water, the number of red blood cells has increased, as iron accelerates their formation.

A Century Old Story

The source of iron rich water was formed at the tectonic fault that separates the Kamnik-Savinja Alps from the Karavanke. The oldest known records of the spring were made as early as 1856, when it was visited by the imperial geologist dr. F. Rolle.

Access to the Mineral Water Spring

From Mozirje you head in the direction of Solčava, where you turn right towards Podolševa. We continue in the direction of the Church of the Holy Spirit, then drive on the macadam road for a few kilometers to a wooden sign indicating the path to the spring.

The spring can be visited by wandering along the Solčava panoramic road, one of the sights on the popular scenic route.  The spring is a 5-minute away near the Klemenšek farm, in one of the ravines, 50 m below it. 

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