St. Martin’s Trail

St. Martin’s Trail leads along the hilly outskirts of Paški kot, past the natural beauties and attractions of Šmartno ob Paki. You will also climb the famous mountain Gora Oljka (733 m).  

Key Information

STARTING POINT: Šmartno ob Paki, restaurant Malus 313 m. V bližini železniške postaje Šmartno ob Paki je gostišče Malus, kjer je tudi prva kontrolna točka (KT1) in žig Martinove poti. Avtomobil lahko parkirate vzdolž železniške proge. Malus inn is near the Šmartno ob Paki railway station, here you will find the first checkpoint (KT1) where you can get the Martin’s stamp. You can park your car along the railway line.[mks_icon icon=”fa-flag-checkered” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] END POINT: Šmartno ob Paki, Malus Inn 313 m

DIFFICULTY: easy marked trail; Knafelc’s markings and the white letter M, red signposts with the inscription Martin’s path

ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE: between (Šmartno ob Paki) and (peak Gora Oljka) 418 m, path’s entire altitude difference is 1259 m


WHERE TO EAT AND REST: Mountain Lodge Gora Oljka, Malus Inn, Pr’ Krajn’k Farm and Loko Lokoviško Beer

PLACES TO SEE / VISIT NEARBY: Gora Oljka and St. Križa church, pine with the cross in Bezgovica, Rakunov Pine

ACCOMMODATION NEARBY: Hostel Mladinski center Šmartno ob Paki, Mountain lodge Gora Oljka

Lookout Ridges Above Šmartno ob Paki

24 kilometers long St. Martin Path has been named after the parish patron St. Martin. Šmartno ob Paki is known for high altitude vineries in Slovenia as well as excellent vines. You can attend a vine degustation on the Vine Tourist Trail.

St. Martin Trial Diary

Martin’s Trail is intended for fans of slightly longer hikes. To make the trail more exciting, get the Martin’s Trail a diary (at the headquarters of PD Šmartno ob Paki, at the mountain lodge on Gora Oljka or at KT 1 – inn Malus Inn in Šmartno ob Paki). Fill it in at checkpoints where there are boxes with the registration book and stamps. After walking the route, return the diary with proof stamps to the headquarters of PD Šmartno ob Paki and you will be awarded with a St. Martin’s Trial commemorative badge.


Youth Center Šmartno ob Paki
t: +386 (0)64 167 940

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