Teambuilding, Motivational Meetings and Group Experiences

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, between the green forests and mighty peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, on the lively rapids of the Savinja river and in the creative environment of rural tradition, you can prepare an unforgettable meetings for your friends, partners or employees.

Power of Collaboration

Various programs for motivation, reward and strengthening ties between employees are provided by various hosts in Savinja. Experiences will elevate the quality of organizational culture, contribute to better communication, innovation and relationships in your association, community or company. Experiences are also a great idea for simple fun with friends. Choose a motivational meeting, teambuilding or a prize trip that suits you.

We recommend:

1. Ethno Games with a local touch of the Savinja Valley

Experience a a special day. Smile in the world of former pastoral and imaginative games related to nature. Come to Ethno Games, learn about Savinja’s past and colour your day with the immensely beautiful Savinja nature. Playful, relaxing and instructive! Stories by the fire, interactive performances and adventure guided tours for genuine contact with nature are suitable for all generations.

2. Water Experiences, Rafting and Kayaking on the Savinja River

Now is the time for the rapids of the green Savinja river. Sports agencies can prepare a special programs for groups full of fun and team spirit. Whatever the weather, you will strengthen your bonds with friends or co-workers. Ask for an adventure tailored to your desires!

3. Motivational Games Without Borders

Playful socializing, which will strengthen competition and group ties, will make you laugh to tears and take you back to childhood. In addition to a touch of skill, all you need is a good spirits and a fun day is guaranteed.

4. Experiences on Tourist Farms and Cooking Workshops

Socialize with friends and colleagues and pamper your palate far away from the busy urban environment. Delicious local cuisine and the hospitality of tourist farms in the Savinjska region will not disappoint. Also ask for homemade delicacy workshops prepared on some tourist farms.

5. Tasting of Top Wines in Šmartno ob Paki

Go on a recreational trip with e-bikes on the sunny hills of Šmartno ob Paki, and then reward yourself with a well-deserved escape to the shelter of vineyards with excellent wine. Socializing in vineyard cottages and wine tastings are great ideas for a group trip. Good will, new knowledge about wines and satisfied palates are guaranteed.

6. Winter Games in Golte and Ski Competitions

Organize a fun sports gathering for your group during the winter days on Golte. Have you ever considered competing with co-workers or friends on a ski slope? A pure ski competition is a great event for groups.

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