Terme Topolšica

The scent of the forest, fresh air, joyful splashing of water are all a great reason why you should choose Topolšica as your holiday destination. Removed from hustle and bustle of cities it offers a great place to awake your senses and take care of your body and soul!

Since the 16th century, the natural springs of Terme Topolšica have been attracting health oriented visitors as well as those who are excited about opportunities nature offers for active and leisurely activities. It is a Paradise for Relaxation and Natural Treatments offering an excellent medical center where healing and rehabilitation take place.

Experiences in Terme Topolšica

  • water park
  • wellness center
  • laughter yoga
  • cycling and hiking programs
  • animations

Medical programs and rehabilitation in Terme Topolšica
Topolšica Spa is a first-class health resort.

Healthy thermal water and professionally trained medical staff co-create the ideal conditions for treating lighter chronic heart and circulatory diseases, rheumatism, respiratory diseases, and disorders of the spine and joints:

  • neurological diseases, injuries and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, emphasizing the rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease
  • inflammatory rheumatic diseases
  • degenerative diseases
  • condition after injuries and operations.

More information

Terme Topolšica
Topolšica 77
SI-3326 Topolšica
t: +386 (0)3 896 3100
e: info@t-topolsica.si , www.terme-topolsica.si

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