The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia

A unique, 160m deep descent through old mining shaft from 1888 into one of the thickest known coal deposits on the planet, reveals the secrets of mining life and picturesque presentation of the coal industry.

Good Luck!

The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia, which received the prestigious EMYA Museum Award in 2001, is one of the most modern technical museums in Europe and the world. In addition to technical exhibits, you will be captured by the stories of knaps (miners), which have been accompanied into the unpredictable underground world with the miners’ greeting “good luck” for decades.

Experiences in The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia:

  • formation, discovery and extraction of coal,
  • knapov’s snack in the deepest dining room in Slovenia,
  • underground train ride,
  • simulation of mining accident in blasting in a coal mine,
  • entry into an old apartments,
  • various exhibitions within the Museum,
  • celebration of the birthday,
  • Jump Over the Skin, an initiation event of new miners.

Visit the underground with Ligi the Mole

Museum visits are suitable for families and children over 6. Join Ligi the mole and take part in various educational games in the underground tunnels. 

With the Cable Car up With the Cable Car Down

The visitors overcome a height difference of 1200m in one day with the help of a wire rope. A visit to the Coal Mining Museum is followed by a trip with a cable car to Golte and relaxation in the unspoiled natural environment of the landscape park.

Take a Look into the Underground

Information and mandatory reservation – The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia:

The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia
Stari jašek – Koroška cesta
SI-3320 Velenje
t: +386 31 752 418, +386 (3) 587 09 97

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