The Forest Fairytale

The wooden “kozolec” (a unique Slovene hayrack) has been remodelled into a romantic bedroom, while the tinder granary has been refurbished into a soulful apartment. The hospitable lady from Luče tells stories of courageous female locals. Through hell and high water, they brought live fish all the way to Ljubljana’s bourgeoisie, carrying pails full of water on their backs.

Harmony Of Generations

The Koklej farmstead, settled between green alpine pastures, serves as a museum of ethnic arts. Exploring the estate, we peek into renovated old granaries, which were used by landlords to store grain and farm products. Cottages, built for the elders, testify to the cohabitation of generations and to the moment parents passed down the farm to their children.

Ethno Village

Farm games and a basket of goodies under the linden tree, which was once the centre of family and village gossips, warm us up for discovering the past. In a park by the Savinja river, we can find the ethnic village, with 8 small cottages presenting the trades of craftsmen from Luče, ranging from blacksmithery to tailoring. We can try out our talent for handicrafts during a short workshop.

Juvan House And Raduha House

Discovering local secrets and heritage continues inside the Juvan house. If we find the family treasury in the house, master Jaka will serve us a dram of local spirits. We take a stroll to the Raduha house, where traditions are being innovated through both architecture and cooking. Here we indulge in most excellent gourmet delights or try out some house specials at the Pr’ Lampi tavern.


Podveža 10, 3334 Luče
+386 31 413 057

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