The path of the Pearl Dwarf

Interesting and lovable trail of the Pearl Dwarf, that will lead you through the Mill Valley. Let the pearls of the naughty dwarf keep you company through the nature of Vinska Gora. 

Key Information

STARTING POINT: Lamperček  Farm[mks_icon icon=”fa-flag-checkered” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] END POINT: Lamperček Farm

DIFFICULTY: medium, marked trail, acceptable for older individuals and families  


WHERE TO EAT AND REST: Lamperček Farm (pre order is necessary)

PLACES TO SEE / VISIT NEARBY: deer watching ar Lamperček Farm, Temjaški Stream, Vovkov Mill, Kačji grad, Blažiš’s antique collection


Trail Description

Are ready for a trip with the Pearl Dwarf! The learning trial, voted the best thematic trial of 2019 connects 6 points that tell a rich history of the Mill Valley.

For a full experience we recommend a guided tour that will take approximately 1,5 to 2 hours. By the Lamperček Farm there is a 500 years old Linden tree, that was planted by Turks. This was at that time connecting road to Koroška. Local guides will give you a fun presentation about the trail and then take you onto the trail. 


Point 1: Lamperček Farm and Linden tree

The Lamperček Farm, where the circular trail begins and ends, is home to lovely photogenic wild animals. You can arrange to see a game barn, a hunting museum and some other sights . They also prepare drinks or snacks. The 500-year-old Lamperček Linden tree is considered one of the oldest trees in Slovenia.

Point 2: Temnjaški stream and Gorjančev Mill

Between the first to the second point, beautiful views of the Mozirje Mountains and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps open to the west. There used to be 13 mills along Temnjaški Stream, one of which is Gorjančev Mill.

Point 3: Vovkov Mill

There is a pleasant place next to Vovk’s Farm for a short stop and refreshments from the backpack. Vovkov Mill was originally owned by the castle lords of Kačji grad. You can also arrange to see the operation of the mill. Continue along Temnjaški Stream to the signpost, which points to the forest road.

Point 4: Forest relaxation

If you opt for a guided tour, you will learn about the importance of the forest for life and the typical trees for the area. You will take part in a relaxation exercise and continue on your way to Kačiji grad in a relaxed atmosphere.

Point 5: Kačiji grad 

From Kačji grad there is an exceptional view to the east. On the information board, read a legend from the times when the castle was still inhabited by nobles. The former owners of Kačji grad built Terme Dobrnat, which is the oldest functioning Slovenian thermal spa. Water was first used for medicinal purposes as early as 1403. On the way to the sixth point, you will be able to see the domestic animals of Marovšek’s Farm during the summer.

Point 6: Blažiš’s Antiques Collection

Collector Peter Habe has been storing and expnding his collections for many years, which can be viewed by prior arrangement. You can see motorcycles, bicycles, sabers, military and firefighting equipment, the remains of an airplane that crashed in Socka near Dobrna during World War II, ethnological objects and postcards of Dobrna and its surroundings, as well as other antique objects. The Blažiš Farm also offers sport fishing and a picnic area by the Blažiš pond, where various playgrounds are available.

More Information

Zavod za turizem Šaleške doline (Vila Bianca, TIC Velenje)
Stari trg 3, Velenje
t: +386 3 896 17 15

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