To Čreta and Farbanca

Čreta is one of the peaks of the Dobroveljska plateau. Sprinkled with forests, meadows and, at the right time, delicious forest fruits such as blueberries and cranberries, making it a good choice for a mountain trip. It is beautiful in all seasons. In winter, it is beautifully covered in snow, during autumn the trail is colored by golden shades of trees, and during spring and summer the mountain is blooming with flowers.

Key Information

[mks_icon icon=”fa-flag-o” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] STARTING POINT: Kokarje (355m above sea level), you can park at the Laze Sports Center[mks_icon icon=”fa-flag-checkered” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] END POINT: Čreta (944 m)[mks_icon icon=”fa-blind” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] DIFFICULTY: easy marked mountain trail[mks_icon icon=”fa-arrows-v” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE: 589 m[mks_icon icon=”fa-clock-o” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] ESTIMATED WALKING TIME: 3,5 h (total)[mks_icon icon=”fa-cutlery” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] FOOD: Planinski dom na Čreti[mks_icon icon=”fa-tree” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] ZNAMENITOSTI IN DOŽIVETJA V BLIŽINI: Museum of Forestry and Woodworking, Franciscan Monastery
[mks_icon icon=”fa-bed” color=”#78a22d” type=”fa”] ACCOMMODATION: Planinski dom na Čreti, Planinski dom na Farbanci

Path description – Čreta, Križ and Farbanca

In Kokarje, at the mountain information board, turn left up the stairs in the direction of the church. In front of the church we turn into the forest. After a few minutes of walking, we arrive at the path from Laz (sports and recreation center), that is the starting point of the second section of the path. We walk along the trail for 35 minutes, come to a macadam road and quickly turn into the forest, which leads uphill to the Kraple farm.

At the Kraple farm, turn onto the uphill road and follow it, then turn right into the forest, where after a 10-minute walk you arrive at the road that leads to Čreta. After a 10 minute walk along the road we reach Čreta. We turn left to the church of Sv. Marija and indulge in views of the Upper Savinja Valley, Golte, Smrekovec and the mighty Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

From Čreta we pass the church of Sv. Katarina along the marked path to the Vransko viewpoint, there stands a large cross stands. From there you will have a beautiful view of the Lower Savinja Valley. From there, descend along the mountain path to the hut on Farbanca (PD Nazarje) and continue along the circular path to the village of Kokarje to the starting point of the path.

Interesting fact: The Savinjska mountain trail and the European footpath E6 also intersect on Čreta.

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