Traditional Cuisine

The countryside of Savinjska will surely delight you with the offer of the best local meat products, dairy products and autochthonous specialties of domestic production, among which the central role on the Slovenian culinary map is attributed to Zgornjesavinjski želodec, top-quality, geographically protected dry meat product.

Taste the traditional dishes of the Upper Savinja Valley:

  • solčavski sirnek, spicy, ripened cheese cured for several months,
  • ubrnenik, wheat, buckwheat or corn balls, which are excellent in sour milk,
  • ajdnek, a delicious delicacy from buckwheat dough, minced walnuts and honey.
  • zdrkanka a good breakfast idea,  wheat grains seasoned with butter, dried plums and cinnamon cooked in milk.

Ajdnek, the upper Savinja dessert from buckwheat flour, ground walnuts and honey is often on the menu on tourist farms. Treat yourself to a dish and a good home lunch.

Dried meats, among which is most prominent zgornjesavinjski želodec, a good great snack while walking through the Upper Savinja Valley. Usually eaten with bread or solčavski sirnek, which is also an excellent independent dish made from cottage cheese and spices.

Treat yourself to a Upper Savinja breakfast! Ubrnenik is an old shepherd’s dish, served with sour milk or white coffee. The dish is shaped into balls, usually made from wheat, corn or buckwheat flour, mixed with salted milk, cream and butter.

Mohovt, cottage cheese spread with the addition of cream, salt and caraway is often served as an addition to dry meats. Taste it on one of the tourist farms of the Upper Savinja Valley.

Taste tradition on one of many tourist farm or local markets

Some argue that food is the best medicine. The countryside of Savinjska and Šaleška valleys are perfect for the composition of a tasty dish, with a plethora of  ecologically produced goodies. On tourist farms they serve meat and dairy products and other indigenous specialties of domestic production. Domestic products and delicacies are also available at the Velenje city market every Saturday from 8am to 1pm and at the farm market in the ground floor of Bohačevega toplarja in Nazarje.

Book your Saturday morning for a visit to a farmer’s market in Nazarje. You will be able to taste and purchase a wide range of home-made products such as bread, cakes, cured meat products, herbs, marmalades and honey products.

How food is made in Solčava

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