Velenje, the youngest Slovenian town, it is famous for the largest children’s festival in Slovenia Pika Festival, an unforgettable adventure in the underground world of the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia, its heritage of socialism and the lively Velenje lake.

Velenje is a multicultural and hospitable city committed to building the bright future while remembering and reviving the stories of the past. It was built in the 1950s with the hard work of diligent workers and today it is the fifth largest Slovenian city. The place of flowering ideas is the venue of numerous events, youthful energy and free spirit.

Sights and experiences in Velenje

Take the challenge, waiting for you 160 m deep down into one of the thickest known coal deposits on the planet. Learn the secrets and tradition of coal mining. Good luck!

Central square in Velenje features the largest monument of Josip Broz Tito in the world. Velenje’s former name is Tito’s Velenje further emphasizes the connection between Velenje and the former Yugoslav leader.

Velenje is a city with three lakes. The most lively is Lake Velenje, which is visited by numerous bathers, sailing lovers, SUP surfers and others during the summer. It also has a special beach for pets.

One of the most beautiful preserved castles in Slovenia was first mentioned in 1270. Learn about interesting stories from past of Velenje and Šaleška Valley also a home to an outstanding African collection and contemporary Slovenian art.

Events in Velenje

Check also the schedule of exhibitions, concerts and performances organized by Velenje Festival.

Let the largest family festival in Slovenia be the anchor in you heart, in which a number of concerts, workshops and children’s experiences take place within a week.

The youngest Slovenian town has a rich cultural pulse and numerous architectural attractions. Of course, the Cultural Center in the central town square and the modern promenade of Velenje are certainly among them.

Take a look at the video and see why you will not be bored in Velenje!

More information

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