Velenje Castle

Velenje Castle, first mentioned in 1270, is the best-preserved Renaissance castle in Slovenia.

Velenje Castle the Pulse of the Šalek Valley

Among the more than 20 castles and manors built in the Šalek Valley, Velenje Castle stands out the most, proudly rising above the city center. The foundations of the castle were laid in the 13th century, and the castle has maintained its appearance from the 16th to the 18th century when an internal arcaded courtyard and picturesque fortification were added to the castle, offering a breathtaking view of the young city of Velenje. If you wish to see the other castles of the Šalek Valley, the Pozojev Castle trail through the Šalek Valley will impress you.

Experiences and exhibitions at Velenje Castle

At Velenje Castle, in front of which a charming park flourishes, you can view permanent exhibitions about the history of Velenje:

  • Mastodons, a presentation of prehistoric findings of two types of mastodons that once roamed the Šalek Valley;
  • Africa, a collection of interesting African items, among which African masks and dolls are especially valuable;
  • Between Romanesque and Baroque, explore the Šalek Valley from its first written mentions until the end of the 17th century;
  • Old shop, look at the original furniture from 1930;
  • The city they called a miracle, a story about the creation of modern Velenje, which grew from a small, rural market into a modern, modern city, the so-called “socialist miracle”;
  • Old inn;
  • Permanent exhibition of the sculptor Ciril Cesar;
  • Permanent collection of contemporary Slovenian art;
  • Castle chapel;
  • Šalek Valley 1941—1945;
  • Majda Kurnik 1920—1967;
  • Fran Korun Koželjski;
  • Master of Photography Volbenk Pajk.

Velenje Castle also offers social events:

  • birthday celebrations for children,
  • renting space for events,
  • weddings at Velenje Castle.
  • Virtual Tour of Velenje Castle

Enjoy a virtual walk among the gems of the Velenje Museum.

Explore the treasure chest of the Velenje Museum
In addition to Velenje Castle, you can also visit other attractions and units under the auspices of the Velenje Museum.

Information – Velenje Castle:

Museum Velenje
Ljubljanska cesta 54
SI- 3320 Velenje
t: +386 (0)3 898 26 30

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