Via Alps & Valleys: Active Family Vacation in Savinjska

Savinjska is a small paradise for family vacation. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💚 Spend you precious family time and explore secret corners of Savinjska. What awaits you is a magnificent Alpine world, nostalgic farms where time stops, water adventures on Savinja River, tasty home made food and countless adventures. There are a few must visit spots, beautiful Logarska Valley, Solčava Panoramic Road,  Golte, Snow Cave, Smrekovec Volcano and a colourful  flower park Mozirski Gaj. Create new amazing memories in Savinjska. 

Mighty Two-Thousanders, Magical Logarska Valley and Landscape Parks

Savinjska has a green heart. You can feel it the magnificent Kamnik-Savinja Alps, where the mighty two-thousanders invite you to unforgettable trips to the mountains; picturesque landscape parks Logarska dolina, Robanov kot and Golte. At Golte, if you want to save some energy  you can take a panoramic cable car that will take you over 1,400 m.

Many natural and cultural sights just await for you to capture them in the lens of your camera. Menina Planina a pre-Alpine karst plateau, with dreamy pastures and green forests is also an interesting trip to take, or the extinct Smrekovec Volcano part of Natura 2000 preservation area and a home to many rare flowers species.

If you are looking for a place for inspiration and relaxation, visit the romantic Mozirski gaj, where local villagers with the help of Slovenian gardeners restored a wild dump into a colourful flower park filled with flower beds preserving the ethnological heritage of the area.

Rafting on the Savinja River, Fairytale Waterfalls and The Mysterious Snow Cave

The Upper Savinja Valley also offers excellent summer refreshment. The lively Savinja River is extremely popular among travelers. A a real magnet for water sports lovers and all those who love lounging in the shade on the pebble alpine beaches. Rafting, kayaking, canyoning and other activities are organized by trained guides, with whom discovering the river will be extremely enjoyable.

At high summer temperatures cool of at the beautiful Rinka Waterfall or the fairytale Rep Waterfall that features a well-kept circular path. If you want to speed up your heart rate, opt for organized canyoning with qualified local guides who will take you to little-known corners of the Savinjska region. The mysterious Snow Cave, the highest tourist cave in Slovenia, is a wild gem of nature, a real treat for lovers of the underground, where summer temperatures  are still between (0-4 °C). A special feature of the cave is the coexistence of ice, stalagmites and moonmilk which is a real rarity at an altitude of over 1,500 m.

Close by you can take a plunge into the Velenje Lake, a truly exciting location to visit during the summer days. You can rent a SUP board, lounge on the beach, take surfing lessons or dive and look for sunk villages. For further relaxation you can visit Terme Topolšica Spa.

Cycling and Walking Tours at Savinjska

Have you thought about seeing Savinjska by bike? There are many cycling routes with various levels of difficulty.  The best way to get around is to take an experienced guide. The guide will show you to one of the tourist farms where you can refresh yourself and prepare for the next adventure. You can also treat yourself to a wine tasting at the end. By bike, you can experience boundless views of the Solčava panoramic road, the famous Logar valley, climb the road to Menina planina or the Smrekovec volcano. Trails in Mozirje, Nazarje and Ljubno are also very inviting. Read more about cycling in Savinjska.

If you choose to go by foot, visit one of the Learning Trails. 

Excite Your Taste Buds

Savinjska has excellent home made cuisine. Taste the famous Zgornjesavisnjki Želodec dry meat, which was a favourite of the English King George V himself. You can taste other traditional dishes such as buckwheat, sirnek and other home made delicacies carefully prepared by housewives on tourist farms.

You can also sample many tasty top quality modern dishes. Created by intertwining  traditional culinary traditions with innovative new ideas. Ask for childcare and treat yourself to a dot on the i, taste home-made Tokec, local wines from the Alpine vineyards in Šmartno ob Paki or treat yourself to a story-filled tea party in Gornji Grad.

Staying in the Heart of Nature: Tourist Farms, Camps, Glamping and Other Accommodation for a Perfect Vacation

Savinjska is known for its excellent offer of tourist farms. In addition to excellent food, comfortable accommodation, you will be enchanted by the nostalgic landscapes and a complete retreat from the daily hustle and bustle.

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Many families can also afford camping or luxury glamping. Active animation or endless pampering, the choice is yours.

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If you prefer apartments, hotels, pensions, do not hesitate, choose your favorite and book other interesting experiences!

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The accommodations follow the measures ordered by the state when dealing with the new coronavirus.

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