Path along Savinja River

Take the path along Savinja river and experience a walk through ethnological sights of Ljubno.

Etno Walks in Ljubno

The trial starts by the Park borcev behind the north border in Loka by Ljubno. Then cross the Delov bridge and continue left on the new macadam road along the Savinja river until you reach Camp Loka. Near the camp you will find two stone markings, documenting the water level reached during the mass flooding that happened in 1730 and 1990. Continue under the bridge on the new Barefoot trail until you reach the event place Vrbje. There you can visit the Preužitkarska house, a mini open-air museum, and the Logdrivers Hut (Flosarska koliba). Trail will then take you by the Budnov Mill (Budnove žage) and the camp Na otoku. Further on you will reach Kolenčev’s dam, then cross the Tribiš bridge that is near restaurant Kegljišče.

After crossing the bridge walk to the right and follow the signs for TK Loger. In about 15-20 minutes you will reach the tourist farm Loger. On the hill next to the tourist farm you can take a look at an interesting place called “The Way of the Cross” (Križev pot) . Continue along the road until you reach the famous lime distillery Atelšek. Atelšek Bridge is also the entry point for kayaking and rafting. With just a little bit of luck, you will be able to see aspiring water sports enthusiasts preparing for water adventures. 

Return to the Tribiš bridge by the same route. Instead of crossing the bridge to the left, continue straight, where the asphalt road ends, you will notice a source of drinking water. Quench your thirst and continue to the left along the macadam road into the forest. You will come to a crossroads where you descend to the left along an asphalt road downhill. Along the way you will notice many benches where you can relax a bit and enjoy the beautiful views. After about 15 minutes, you will arrive at the Savina Ski Jumping Center, the venue of the annual Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup.

Return to the center of the town via the footbridge across the Savinja to the Vrbje Event Space, or continue straight along the road to the crossroads with the regional road and right back to the Park borcev.

You can extend the route by 10 km if you want to.

Key Information

[mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] STARTING POINT: Park borcev / 50 m from BS Petrol Ljubno[mks_icon icon = “fa-flag-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] END POINT: Park borcev (430nmv)[mks_icon icon = “fa-blind” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] DIFFICULTY: easy trail[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrows-v” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE: 100 m[mks_icon icon = “fa-clock-o” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] TIME: 1.5 hours (shorter route)[mks_icon icon = “fa-arrow-circle-o-right” color = “# 79ba39” type = “fa”] RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: /[mks_icon icon = “fa-cutlery” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] FOOD: Restaurant and Hostel Pevc, Bar Ledenica, Restaurant Ribiški dom, Gostišče Kegljišče, Turist Farm Loger,[mks_icon icon = “fa-tree” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] SIGHTS: Logdriver Collection (Flosarska zbirka), Savinja river, flood stones, Vrbje event space, Preužitkarska house (immovable) cultural heritage), Logdriver’s hut (Flosarska koliba), open-air museum – skorjevka, Budnov Mill (Budnova žaga) (immovable cultural heritage), Ribiški dom, lime distillery (immovable cultural heritage), entry point for raft and kayak, drinking water well Trbiž, Ski Jumping Center Savina[mks_icon icon = “fa-bed” color = “# 78a22d” type = “fa”] ACCOMMODATION NEARBY: Hostel Pevc, Hotel Planinka, Camp “Na otoku”, Camp Loka, Guesthouse Kegljišče, TK Loger

You can extend the route by 10km. Instead of return to the Park borcev walk towards the center and turn right at the signpost “Tenis Plaznik”.  Follow the local rad towards Juvanje. Once you pass through Juvanje you will arrive in Okonina. Be carful as you need to walk about 100m on the regional road. Go through Okonina through picturesque hops filed to Radmirje. Then walk through the Radmirje fields back towards Ljubno.  

You can extend the route further by 20km (ski jump center – Radmirje filed – Meliše – Okoninska brv – Okonine – Juvanje – Ljubno), estimated walking time is 2h. 


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