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Fish in the Savinja River and Exciting Stories of the Savinja Log Divers

Log Divers once transported prized local timber all the way to the Black Sea. The tradition of Log Divers is at home in Ljubno ob Savinji, where they proudly nurture and revive the memory of the flora times. When we get to know underwater life with the help of local fishermen and throw our hook in the water, we feel a special peace. Instead of the radio, the river and the distant calls of wild roosters from the extinguished Smrekovec fireplace are heard. Shout at the rafting on the Savinja rapids and the traditional flora-eating!

Savinja Fishing, Throw the Bait…

After a snack, local fishermen escort us to the Fisherman’s Lodge, where it’s time for a Savinja fishing lesson. When we try our luck with a hook, we feel the Robinson nature. Maybe some bait is being grabbed for bait.

…and Catch the Fish

The fisherman points the way to the NaturPlac campsite at the turn of the crystal Savinja. The cook has already started the fire so we can burn our catch. During a brief snooze in the hammock, anecdotes about Savinja fossils drifting along the rafts of the Savinja and Sava rivers into the wider world sneak into their minds.

Experience the Log Diver’s Tradition

Would you become a modern day Log Diver? We can feel the spirit of Log Diver time on the rafts that carry us across the Savinja rapids.

Log Divers Cuisine a Treat for the Taste Buds 

Now we have earned a Log Diver meal with an Zgornjesavinjski Želodec dried meats delicacy, homemade žlinkrofi, roe deer and a unique dessert at the Planinka restaurant. When we eat a little flush of nuts and chocolate, we are finally taken by the free rafting spirit.


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