It’s time to take care of yourself and get away from the crazy world! Go back to the green nature, relax in the saunas in one of many centres of well-being.

Relaxation for the soul and the body

Strengthen your health, find peace and rest your body. In the Upper Savinja Valley you can enjoy a varied offer of saunas, wellness programs and massages. If you want to relax in a slightly more intimate environment, choose one of the wellness experience providers. Finnish, Turkish, infrared saunas or good massage – the choice is yours!

Wellness and Spa Accommodation in Savinjska

1. Medena vas and Wellness center Skok Mozirje

Next to the colorful fragrant meadow in Mozirje there is an exceptional land of bees. Immerse yourself in their world and coexist with bees in magical hives. Take advantage of the outdoor pool, private wellness, apitherapy, massage pools, Finnish or Infrared saunas. An exceptional experience for couples who like to be pampered.

Local sights: Mozirski gaj, Museum of Forestry and Woodworking, Hiking or Skiing on Golteh, Franciscan Monastery

2. Alpine wellness – Hotel Plesnik

In the breathtaking Logarska valley there is a hedonistic spot called  the Alpine Wellness Hotel Plesnik. Exceptional views of one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe, the warmth of wood, the authenticity of stone and the invigorating energy of water are a heavenly experience that will stay in your memory for a long time. It features outdoor pool, heated indoor pool, Turkish, Finnish and bio saunas as well as Ayurvedic programs that will impress even the most demanding guests. You can also arrange special yoga, meditation and sauna programs.

Local sights: Rinka Waterfall, Logarska Valley and Regional Parks, Solčava Panoramic Road, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Archery

3. Wellness Potočka zijavka 

Savinjska’s nature is soothing, however after a long walk, private wellness relaxation will certainly feel great. Wellness Potočka zijalka, named after the famous Slovenian cave, has a fascinating ambiance. You will feel as if you are wandering around the Solčava caves. Massage pool, Finnish and Turkish sauna, bio spectrum health chamber that improves well-being will have an pleasant effect on mood. Advance reservation is required.

Local sights: Robanov kot, Logarska Valley, Rinka Waterfall, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Archery, Cross Country Skiing

4. House of Sun (Hiša sonca)

You can also visit the private wellness center in Luče. At the House of Sun, they make sure that even a cloudy day is pleasant. There are two Finnish saunas, a hot tub and an outdoor terrace. They perform a liberating “Access Bars” therapy to promote a sense of psychic peace.

Local sights: Igla, Snežna jama, rafting, kayaking and canyoning, fishing

5. Wellness center Korošec

Below Golt, in Ljubija, there is a charming settlement of lovely wooden houses surrounding a small lake. Do you want to rest far away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Spend a lovely time in the Apartments and Wellness Center Korošec. There are four individual rooms for private wellness. Saunas, massage pools, beauty services and massages, and to top it all off, “Urškin gartlc”, the host’s garden, where you can pick seasonal vegetables and spices.

Local sights: Mozirski gaj, Museum of Forestry and Woodworking, Hiking or Skiing on Golteh, Franciscan Monastery

6. Herbal wellness and Herbal Glamping Ljubno – temporarily closed

Herbal Glamping Resort is synonymous with extreme pampering. The heavenly location, which is a great idea for a romantic getaway for two, has also received international acclaim. Indulge in the scent of herbs, relaxing massage pool, treat yourself to a sauna and stay in luxury tents.

In winter, the wellness area is also open to outside visitors.

Local sights: Vulkan Smrekovec, rafting, kayaking and canyoning, fishing

7. Wellness above the clouds, Golte

Combine a hiking trip or skiing in Golte with a visit to the wellness center. Above 1,400 meters there are Finnish, infrared, Turkish and biosauna, massage pool, outdoor pool, massages, and by arrangement they also perform yoga in the heart of the Golte Landscape Park.

Local sights:  Mozirski gajGolte Landscape Park

8. Hiša Raduha

Hiša Raduha was created for hedonists. Treat yourself and your senses to comfort in a tree house, old barn or a haystack. Experience local, authentic, individual nature-related experience. The accommodations have jacuzzi, and the Savinja River is pleasantly buzzing nearby. Upgrade your holiday in Hiša Raduha with a culinary experience. Hiša Raduha has one of the 10 best restaurants in Alpine Slovenia.

Local sights: Igla, Snežna jama, rafting, kayaking and canyoning, fishing

9. Mlinarjev Relaxation Club, Brinečev Mill

At the farm mill and the local bakery in Rečica ob Savinji, top-quality home-made bakery delicacies are created. It offers accommodation and a small wellness area with a wooden massage tub, a Finnish sauna and a bed with a pirin insert. It is possible to see the grinding of cereals in the old and modern way.

Local sights: a tour of the mill and a collection of antiques, Camp Menina, Pranger the Pillar of Shame

10. Wellness center Zala and Terme Topolšica


Lovers of thermal pleasures, don’t miss on a vacation at Terme Topolšica. Pools with massage showers, Roman baths, fitness center and modern wellness Zala with a wide range of saunas: Finnish, steam, salt, herbal, honey, mud and “laconium” sauna await for you. For private pampering for two, choose a VIP private wellness. In recent years t. i. medico wellness featuring (chromotherapy, exfoliation, healing mud therapy, honey therapy, whirlpool and benches to boost the immune system) has become very popular.

11. Eko House Na razpotju

Would you take a walk through the idyllic Logarska valley, under the mighty chain of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, and after enjoy a wonderful wellness offer? Pension Na razpotju, next to which lies the mysterious Fairytale Forest, is a great location for a wellness experience. There is a hot tub, a Finnish sauna, a massage studio and a yoga corner. Experience the “Pure Power of Nature”! Take off your shoes and take a walk along the sensory path, take a dip in the hay bath and experience the benefits of the Palenk waterfall.

Local sights: Robanov kot, Logarska Valley, Rinka Waterfall, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Archery, Cross Country Skiing

12. Authentic energies of nature – Logar Valley for you

In the Logarska valley landscape park, they are developing innovative programs for strengthening health and well-being, based on proven ways of relaxation. Among other things, you can listen to the music of plants, walk along sensory paths, touch trees, herbs and other plants based on dendrotherapy.

Enjoy saunas, meditation, yoga, barefoot walking, hay baths or massages with oils from local herbs. Experts have identified special energy points in the Logarska Valley that help one cleanse and connect with oneself. Within the integrated program, the activities are also related to five anthroposophical principles: breathing, diet, art, care and conversation. The program is rounded off by Ayurvedic treatment, an approach to holistic acceptance of oneself and one’s surroundings and activities that promote a connection with the five elements: air, fire, water, earth and ether. In modern jargon, we talk about anti-stress, detox, mindfulness / selfness, healthy aging and outdoor programs.

Local sights: Robanov kot, Logarska Valley, Rinka Waterfall, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Archery, Cross Country Skiing

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