Where to go During Bad Weather? 6 Ideas for Rainy Days

You will not be bored in Savinja, even during the bad weather. Visit the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia, learn about history of forestry and woodworking, 100 year old stories of Vrbovec Castle or visit Franciscan monastery with a rich library. Water lovers can go rafting on Savinja river or relax in Terme Topolšica. There is plenty to enjoy even during rainy days. 

1. Coal Mining Museum Always has Great Weather

Embark on an underground adventure, 160 m below the earth’s surface. In The Museum of Coal Mining of Slovenia you will discover how miners work and live, learn about mining tradition that have shaped Velenje. Visiting the underground part of the museum is suitable for those over 6 years old. We recommend checking the opening times and booking your adventure in advance. Good luck!

2.  Explore Nazarje: Museum of Forestry and Woodworking, Monastery Library and Devoted Sisters of Klarisa

Upper Savinja Valley has been known for its woodworking traditions. Visit the Vrbovec Museum of Forestry and Woodworking, discover rich library of the Franciscan monastery and visit the Sisters of Klarisa. Visits can be arranged at Vrbovec Museum.

3. Wellness Relaxation

Some say that wellness is best during rainy days but some say that there is never a bad time for wellness! Savinjska will excite you with exceptional nature and wellness offer. Natural Alpine wellness centers offer beautiful mountains views, ayurvedski programs, apitherapies and relaxing massage. Discover what it means to relax the Savinja way. 

4. Visit Terme Topolšica and Leather-Craft Museum 

If you like bathing and swimming visit Terme Topolšica. Thermal pools are a true experience for all generations and an outdoor water park is also open during the summer. You can also stop at the Leather-Craft Museum of Slovenia

5. Wet in Any Case – Rafting on Savinja

Rafting is an exciting experience, which is especially attractive when rainfall feeds the Savinja River. The guided descent along the Savinja River impresses with the fast-paced rapids and the waterfalls that will increase your heart rate! If you are not bothered by rain and splashing water then organized rafting on the Savinja River is an adventure made for you. real adventure for you.

6. Excite Your Taste Buds and Enjoy Local Cuisine 

A day well spent is even better if someone serves you a carefully prepared dish of local culinary delights. In Savinjska you can enjoy local cuisine, taste the Zgornjesavinjski Želodec, traditional dishes such as Sirnek, Ajdnek or homemade soup with vegetables from the nearby garden. In addition to traditional dishes offered by tourist farms, you can also experience modern cuisine, which always incorporates elements of tradition.

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