Youth Culture Festival Kunigunda, Velenje

August – various  cultural events, concerts, workshops and sports events focused on the youth.

Fairy Kunigunda: be charmed by the culture of youth

During the last week in August, the youth bows to Kunigunda, a beautiful young servant who once lived in the Velenje castle. The legend tells us that Kunigunda was accused, found guilty of witchcraft and plunged it into a well. Youth are sometimes accused of lacking culture. During the international cultural festival, which has been taking place since 1998, the alternative culture gets its own space under the sun, and it also revives the spirit of the “witch” of Kunigunda.

During the week many events take place, such as: theater and street performances, educational events, entertainment, artistic creativity of young people, concerts of various musical genres, creative workshops, graffiti art, musical improvisation, bazaar and sports events.

Kunigunda 2012

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