Youthful Town

Velenje is a young town with a green heart and mining veins, that was build practically over night. It sets an example of amodernistic urban plan of a city in a park, that still smells of nostalgia. Standing on the award-winning and sustainably designed Velenje lake beach today, it is hard to imagine a secret submerged village, sunken by mine tunnels. Meet the miners, the heroes of Velenje, who built the green city, where instead of exchanging greetings, we say “Good luck!”

Velenje Lake

Young town, youthful experiences. The secrets of the lakes, where a dragon called Pozoj may still rumble today, can be explored with a SUP board or a traditional boat (pletna), depending on draconic courage. The Velenje lake hides the submerged village of Stare Škale, which sank due to underground activity in the mine. If we walk along the lake today, we will find a popular Velenje beach with Jezero restaurant. There, they preserved a sense of nostalgia and miner specialities on the menu.

Coal Mining Museum

We descend 160m underneath the ground. It’s time for a miner’s lunch in the deepest dining room in Europe and for an underground adventure in the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia. Gourmets can treat themselves to an underground five star dinner that si bound to waken up all your senses. Rambling around the Trg mladosti square we can wave to the biggest statue of Tito (president of the former Yougoslavia) in the world and find out how the inhabitants of Velenje bulit their town all by themselves in record time.

A Walk Through Nostalgia

Modernist architecture of Velenje continues to impress to this day. There is everything you need for a healthy lifestyle available at hand: Cultural centre, playground, “Workers’ centre”, schools and even the best roller skating rink in former Yugoslavia. Today, Velenje is renowned for having a lively vibe and for hosting Pikin Festival, the biggest festival for children in Slovenia. In the end we ascend up to Vila Herberstein, where we are rewarded with a view and chocolate cake.


Stari trg 3, 3320 Velenje
t +386 3 896 17 15

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