Zgornjesavinjski želodec

Zgornjesavinjski želodec is a premium quality, geographically protected meat product. Made in a unique for over 100 years at hospitable farms in Savinja Valley.

A unique meal fit for the English court

Zgornjesavinjski želodec was first mentioned in 1620. It was usually served for special occasions and holidays. King George V in the company of King Alexander tried it in Hotel Plesnik when visiting Logarska Valley. The English king liked the dish so much, so that Zgornjesavinjski želodec was occasionally sent to the English court. There is always a true competitive spirit among the makers of Zgornjesavinjski želodec and today there is a competition to evaluate its quality .

Ancient recipe and careful preparation

Pork meat, bacon, salt, pepper and garlic water are dried in the pre-Alpine climate, in traditional wooden granaries for 4-5 months. You can taste it as an appetizer, cut into thin slices, or on many tourist farms and in some catering facilities of the Savinja Valley.

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