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Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Festival of Slovenian Dumplings (Štrukljifest)

19th August, REČICA OB SAVINJI – Discover a traditional Slovenian dish at the Štrukljifest festival.

Štruklji, a very popular traditional Slovenian dish

Štruklji is a very popular traditional Slovenian dish that can be served as a main course, dessert or side dish. 
Enjoy a variety of Slovenian dumplings (štruklji), dance with folklore groups, listen to a variety of musicians and learn about the culinary heritage.


The organisers want to raise awareness and respect for local natural and cultural values

Hosted by an animator, the event features a wide range of talented young musicians, folk bands and other artists. A time for singing, enjoying the sounds of accordion, the peaceful violin, the playful step of traditional dancers and the many different flavours of štrukeljs.