Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Festive December in Savinjska

DECEMBER – a festive, cultural and entertaining moment with the appearance of musical groups throughout Savinjska Valleys.

Christmas Fairy Tale of Slovenia in Mozirski gaj

Mozirski gaj during December embraces a million colorful lights that create an unforgettable experience. The most beautiful flower beds and ethnological objects take artistic shapes during the winter. The fairytale is also visited by Miklavž, Santa Claus and other fairytale creatures.

Organized by: MOZIRSKI GAJ, +386 41 691 939

Magical December in Velenje

During the magical December, more than 150 events take place in Velenje. They are organized by different cultural associations and NGO’s.

  • Lighting of the holiday lighting
  • Santa Claus arrival
  • A magical promenade
  • New Year’s movies and December romance
  • New Year’s Eve celebration

Organized by: cultural associations and Festival Velenje, + 386 3 898 25 70


Living Nativity Scene in Rečica ob Savinji

Christmas in the abandoned quarry Dol-Suhi is decorated with a living Nativity scene. It features the scene that is the most celebrated part holy night holy Christmas night. Actors are accompanied by a choir, and a lot of locals participate during the preparation in the installation.

Organized by: TD REČICA OB SAVINJI, +386 41 783 494

Advent Night and Evening Walks in Solčava

The mountain world is especially fabulous in winter. There are many advent and other events in Solčava:

  • Christmas and New Year’s concert in Logarska dolina,
  • Carnival in Solčava,
  • Traditional walk with torches,
  • Advent nights,
  • Solstice walk to Potočka zijalka.

Organized by: different associations and Center Rinka, +386 3 839 07 10