Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Fishing in the Upper Savinja Valley and its Surroundings

In addition to fishing on the Savinja and Dreta rivers, fishermen can also fish at the fish ponds in Mozirje and Ljubno.

Fishing on the Savinja River is divided into two fishing grounds.

Fishing ground Ljubno

Fishing ground Ljubno is divided into four regions, from the spring of the Savinja River in Logarska Valley to the dam in Okonina. It offers fly fishing of indigenous trout, grayling and rainbow trout in the natural environment of the Savinja Valley. The visitor will come across a diverse landscape, ranging from shallow and fast running waters of the Savinja River, deep pools and wild rapids, calm gullies and a peaceful pond for beginners.

Fishing licenses can be purchased at several points of sale in the vicinity of Ljubno ob Savinji and in the fishing lodge of the Fishing Association Ljubno.

Fishing Association Ljubno
Na Pečeh 10
SI-3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
t: 041 793 592
e: info@rd-ljubno.si, www.rd-ljubno.si


Fishing ground Mozirje

Fishing Association Mozirje manages part of the river Savinja from Kolenčevsko jezu to the bridge in Letuš, while also taking care of fishing on the river Dreta and in the pond near the Mozirje gaj. Fishing on all fish species is allowed in the fish pond located near Fishing Association Mozirje at their pleasure.


Fishing Association Mozirje
Savinjski gaj 2
SI – 3330 Mozirje
t: +386 3 839 04 15
e: info@rd-mozirje.si, www.rd-mozirje.si


Respect nature, treat wildlife with respect and follow directions given by Fishing Association. Failure to observe the rules is punishable by law. You need a permit for fishing. Always check the authorized fishing seasons for each fishing area.