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Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

5 Reasons to Spend Your Vacation on Tourist Farms

The time is now for a vacation far away from the city noise and everyday hustle and bustle. It is time to explore the Slovenian countryside and say goodbye to the crazy world and replace it with a genuine contact with nature, an active holiday on a tourist farm, spiced with genuine homeliness and tradition. Savinjska and Slovenia hide many corners where you can experience unforgettable holidays and where you can take advantage of holiday vouchers.

1. Experience Nature and Friendly People

Experience the friendship woven by people and nature in the remote countryside. Experience the intertwining of tradition and modernity; nostalgic peasant tradition; dreamy meadows; colorful fields; vast green forests; divine home-made food and stories of hospitable masters; paint the backdrop for a carefree active holiday in the countryside. 

Replace the morning alarm clock with a chirping of the birds and the smell of freshly mowed grass. Take time to pet domestic animals, participate in everyday farm chores and wander around the hidden, but above all safe corners of Savinjska and Slovenia.

2. Spoil Your Taste Buds With Homemade Goods

Clean air and drinking water, vegetables from the garden and other home-grown products, from which tasty treats are created according to the traditional recipes of our grandmothers. Housewives skillfully and lovingly spin spoons, with which they create unique culinary experiences. You are often invited to learn how to prepare one of the selected delicacies yourself. Homemade corn and buckwheat porridge, sour soup, gnocchi, žlikrofi, jota and ricette… Are you already feeling the cravings?

Your plate should not be missing zgornjesavinjski želodeca cured meat product favoured even by English kings. Make sure you have a delicious tour around the Savinjska!

3. A Holiday on a Farm Brings Joy to all Genrations

The expectations of older and younger people are being met on Slovenian tourist farms. Adults can enjoy corners of peace and relaxation while children can play on the endless open playground. Everyone has a great time with interesting conversations and adventures, during which the secrets of peasant life are revealed. Have you thought about which animal would enchant you the most?

4. Diverse Landscape Filled With Natural Wonders and Experiences 

Slovenia boasts a wide range of tourist farms, where there is something for everyone. Grassland lovers will find their corner in the boundless expanses of the Pannonian world while mountain lovers will find their inspirations in Alpine Slovenia. Those who prefer the Mediterranean climate can head towards the coast, tourist farms in central Slovenia are also interesting.

The Savinjska is a hospitable destination where nature sculpts in all its beauty. You can experience Divine Logarska valley with the Rinka waterfall, the scenic Solčava Panoramic Road, the Golte Landscape Park, the mysterious Snežna jama cave, the Smrekovec volcano and the colorful Mozirski gaj. Are you among those who love to be driven by adrenaline? You will not be bored – rafting and water adventures await you on the green Savinja river, along with canyoning, tandem paragliding, adrenaline park and interesting cycling adventures.

5. A Varied and Colourful Tourist Offer

Check out the map of Tourist Farms in Slovenia and choose your favourite region. The trail can take you to 12 different region with Savinjska standing out with more than 50 tourist farms. 

The hosts will open their doors with a smile and take you into their homes, wineyards, orchards and farms. You can choose to visit a winery, wine taverns (osmice), campgrounds, excursion farms and tourist farms.

If you are a fan of healthy and completely organically produced food, you will be impressed by eco tourist farms. Health is also in the forefront on tourist farms with an healthy lifestyle programs.

Although most tourist farms are extremely interesting for families, some have a particularly tailored offers for families, namely: families with child-friendly tourist farms or for children unaccompanied by parents. You can also choose between cyclist friendly farms, wine growing tourist farms, disability friendly tourist farms and horse riding friendly tourist farms.

Book A Holiday at a Tourist Farm

You can visit one of the Tourist Farms all year round. Make a reservation ahead of time over a phone or an email.

  • Take a look at the Tourist Farm Offer where you can choose on of over 300 farms in Slovenia.

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