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Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

From Brložnik to Smrekovec

Treat yourself with a hike to the top of a dormant volcano Smrekovec. This is an easy mountain trial that will lead you to an viewpoint sleme with a stone pyramid.

Key Information 

 STARTING POINT: Spodnji Brložnik. It is easily accessible by vehicle. In Šoštanj continue towards Bele vode.  Turn left after you pass guesthouse Savinek and head towards Sv. Križ. After, approximately two kilometers turn left, head over the bridge towards the farm Spodnji Brložnik. You can park at the parking lot that is left of the road. 
 END POINT: Top of Smrekovca
 DIFFICULTY: easy marked trail 
 TIME: 1 h 30 min
RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: walking polls pohodne palice, hiking crampons (during winter)
FOOD: Dom na Smrekovcu, Okrepčevalnica Savinek
 SIGHTS: Komen, Krnes
ACCOMMODATION: Dom na Smrekovcu

Trail Description

After the signpost by the road, turn right on foot on to the trial on the right that leads towards the farm Spodnji Brložnik farm. A well-marked trail will lead you to your right, past a hunting observation point and a small chapel towards the spruce forest. The trail through the spruce forest will climb steeply and over time lead you to a forest road. At the cross road continue straight in the direction of Smrekovec (to your righty ou will see Andrejev dom na Slemenu) along a path that climbs a bit more. After a few minutes of walking you reach a large meadow, the trial will lead you across towards the Dom na Smrekovcu.

From there the trail will lead you towards the top of Smrekovec. At first over a moderate grassy slope, then through a forest where it climbs steeply for a short time. The slope quickly flattens. You will reach another crossroads, continue slightly right in the direction of Smrekovec (left Komen). The trial will take you through an increasingly sparse forest steeply uphill. After a few minutes we finally get out of the woods and the path will again flatten. All you have left is a few minutes of easy walking along the scenic peak ridge of Smrekovec to the stone pyramid, which we see at the top.


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