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Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Gornji Grad Cathedral

If you are interested in exploring the cultural and historical heritage, then you should definitely put Gornji Grad Cathedral on the list. It is the largest and architecturally most important Baroque building in Slovenia.

The cathedral that gives Gonji Grad a unique character was commissioned by the Ljubljana’s Bishop Ernest Attems. It was built between 1752 to 1761. The cathedral’s dimensions were decided mainly because of a dispute with the citizens of Ljubljana. Many of the masters, craftsmen and farmers from Gornji Grad took part in the construction.

The church has been built in the baroque style and it replaced the Benedictine monastery from the 12th century.

Notable features

  • a rugged facade with stone statues,
  • valuable paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries,
  • tombs of the Ljubljana Bishops.

It is  58,5 m long, 28,6m wide, and 62 m tall. The parish center is regularly serviced and accessible.

More Information about Gornji Grad Cathedral 

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