Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Green Facts and Experiences

Slovenia is a green country. Some municipalities of Savinjska valley especially strive to educate visitors and instill the green mindset. You can also contribute to the preservation of the natural environment, while visiting this idyllic world with an extraordinary natural backdrop.

Did you know…

  • Center Rinka is the multifunctional center for sustainable development, high-quality local products are on display and an exhibition about existence of a man with nature in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps;
  • The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are the fossil site that date to the Middle Triassic period, an exceptional specialty on a world scale, which can be viewed at the Center Rinka;
  • Gornji Grad featuring exceptional air quality and clean environment is the only Slovenian municipality in the European Climate Union;
  • over 170 km² of the Upper Savinja Valley surface is part of the European network of special protection areas NATURA 2000;
  • rent an e-bike and contribute to the preservation of the clean air and the natural beauty of the Savinja Valley.

Awards, acknowledgments and signs for a sustainable orientation

  • Slovenia Green Destination (2017): Logarska Vally Solčavsko is the winner of the Slovenia Green Destination.
  • EDEN (2009): Solčavsko has received the title of European Destination of Excellence, awarded by the European Commission.
  • CIPRA (2005): The Logarska Vally Regional Park is the recipient of the CIPRA award for the best managed protected area in the Alps.
  • Environmentally friendly mountain lodge: Mozirska koča na Golteh.
  • European Log Diving City: Ljubno and Log Diving.
  • European Festival City: Mozirje and Pust Mozirski.
  • International Award for Sustainable Renewal in the Alps (2013): Center Rinka.

Remain Respectful and Green

Together, we can make sure to pass on our natural treasure to future generations:

  • Take your waste with you and dispose of it in the proper containers;
  • stay on marked roads; if the marked path crosses private land, respect the privacy of the owner;
  • remain patient on crowded roads;
  • park only in designated places;
  • do not disturb wildlife, do not destroy plants;
  • burning outdoor fire is not allowed;
  • camping outside designated campsites is not permitted;
  • keep the dogs on leashes.