Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Hotel Planinka ****

Excellent cuisine and comfortable hotel accommodation at the doorstep of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.


Plac 7, 333 Ljubno ob Savinji
t: 00386 (0)5834255
m: 00386 (0)31327597
e-mail: info@planinka.net


Spacious and cozy rooms are fitted with lightweight solid wood furniture, soft floor coverings and warm lighting. Thus, the time spent by guests in the room is truly relaxing. Rooms offer a wonderful view of the mountains that surround Ljubno. Interior has a top-notch restaurant with culinary delights that will make you feel great.


  • Rooms: 12 rooms, 1 apartment, 1 junior suite. Rooms according to the needs of guests – single / double / triple
  • Beds: max 35 persons
  • Restaurant: two rooms, in the first restaurant up to 30 persons, the other restaurant (smaller private room), which is also suitable for business meetings at lunch / dinner, max. 14 persons.
  • Culinary Specialties: Zgornjesavinjski želodec with cottage cheese spread, salted and spicy Mohovt, Srnin carpaccio sprinkled with with aged Parmesan with black truffles juice and olive oil, chef’s home-made žlinkrofi, crispy brown trout with orange melisin sauce, seasonal salad with almonds and oats with chives, Sunflower with Italian meringue stuffed with fresh fruit ice cream and caramelized sugar
  • Conference Rooms: up to 30 people. In the room is a HD projector, magnetic board, speakers, flipchart with paper and writing. In addition, there is a kitchen and toilet facilities. The seminar room is in a separate house, opposite the building. Coffee / tea break can also be organized within the hotel.
  • Additional Offer: wifi (free use), bicycle rental, transfer from / to the airport, additional activities for team building and more;
  • Location: Ljubno ob Savinji center in the Upper Savinja Valley. Continuing forward will lead you to the famous Logarska valley.