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Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

How to Reach us

Easiest way to get around is by car, you will be able to explore places not accessible by public transit. Main towns and places are connected by public transit, buses or railwys.

To Savinjska by Car:

The easiest way to access Savinja Valley and its surrounding is by car. Check rent a car availability here. In order to use highways you will need a vignette.

  • via Mozirje (most popular): using A1 motorway (E57) from the direction of Ljubljana, Maribor or Celje, use exit Šentrupert (Logarska dolina, Golte, Topolšica), continue on road 225 to Mozirje, which is the entry point to Savinjska and Šaleška Valleys;
  • via Gornji Grad: use road 104 from the direction of Ljubljana, passing Kamnik, using the road 225 towards Gornji Grad, which is the entry point to Savinjska and Šaleška Valleys;
  • via Pavličevo sedlo (Austria): from the direction Klagenfurt using roads B70, B85, B82 past Železne Kaple (Bad Eisenkappel), at Bad Vellach turn left on the road 428 to the Pavličevo sedlo, which is a border and entry point to the Savinja and the Šaleška Valleys; from the direction of Jezersko use the road 210, after crossing border turn right on the road 428 to Pavličevo sedlo;
  • via Velenje: use A1 motorway (E57) from the direction Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, use exit Žalec (Velenje, Dravograd), use road 4, through Velika Pirešica to Velenje

Access Via Public Transit

You can use a bus (, rail ( from or to Šmartno ob Paki, Velenje and Šoštanj.


airport country distance app. time
Ljubljana Slovenia 65 km 1 ura
Klagenfurt Austria 65 km 1 ura
Maribor Maribor 110 km 1,5 ure
Graz Austria 190 km 2 uri

Distances between places in Savinja Valley

tour distance  time by car
Mozirje – Solčava (Logarska dolina) 37 km 45 min
Mozirje – Velenje 17 km 20 min
Mozirje – Gornji Grad 17 km 25 min
Mozirje – Šoštanj (Terme Topolšica) 15 km 20 min