Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

A Timber Story

For millions of years, the river Savinja has been making its way from the alpine peaks to the valleys. As a great vein of water it has forever marked the lives of locals. Located at Vrbovec Castle, the closeness of nature embraces us in the Museum of Forestry and Timber Nazarje, where we can discover the story of wood and water through games. The history of raftsmen transporting the timber down the river Savinja, to the Black Sea, is exciting for the entire family. Don’t forget to look for woodland dwarfs while on an ethno hike through the Logar Valley to the Rinka Waterfall.

Vrbovec Museum

In Nazarje’s Vrbovec Museum we can immediately inhale the smell of wood and hear the Savinja river. We get to discover how timber raftsmen spent their days transporting the well-valued Savinja region timber on large rafts from Savinja to Danube. Even today, the locals remain connected to the forest, which has, for half a millenium, provided them with a space for work and relaxation.

Ethno Village

Carrying a raftsman’s bindle and lunch, we set off towards Luče, where an ethno village with wooden houses awaits us by the water. Old farm games and anecdotes of foresters, called “vlcarji” by the locals, easily make us laugh. We can still imagine how the women of Luče formed the first social network for sharing likes and complaining while scrubbing laundry at the riverside.

Rinka Waterfall

At the Rinka Centre in Solčava, we find the key to unlock the kingdom of mountain forests and fairytale creatures. Strolling through the Logar Valley we open all of our senses, trying to catch the woodland dwarf. When we feel the spray droplets of Rinka Waterfall and take in the audacious arch of water, we establish a long-lasting connection with the beauties of the Savinja region.


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