Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Upper Savinja Valley

Welcome to Upper Savinja Valley, places of diverse experiences. A painted picture of nature, green and inspiring corners of the Alpine world, active adventurous trips, healthy and relaxing energy, urban and cultural pulses that intertwine modern and historic times. Welcome to Upper Savinja Valley!

Visitors of Upper Savinja Valley are inspired by Logarska Valley which is according to Lonely Planet one of the most beautiful European alpine valleys, from Solčava as the European Destinations of Excellence.

The stunning cliffs of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the picturesque natural parks of Logarska Valley, Robanov kot and Golte, the wild and no less attractive valley of Matkov kot, the nature reserve Menina montain and the lively rapids of the Savinja River are a real paradise for active holidays in the country of nostalgic farms, there is no lack of hospitality and excellent local cuisine with local culinary specialties and delicacies such as the Zgornjesavinjski Želodec dried meats delicacy.

The winter fairy tale at the Golte ski slope is perfectly complemented by relaxing in the healing waters of Terme Topolšica which is a real relaxation for the soul and the body. You will be entertained with a rich program of events in the spring and summer and Mozirski gaj, a flower park full of inspiration and colourful energy.

Most popular sights in the Upper Savinja Valley

  • Logarska Valley regional park, the most beautiful European Alpine valley;
  • Rinka Falls, 90 m high waterfall, one of the most admired waterfalls in Slovenia;
  • Solčava panoramic road and Potočka zijalka, the most important Slovene archaeological cave, where the second oldest needlepoint was found in the world;
  • Snow cave, the highest tourist cave in Slovenia;
  • Vrbovec Castle and the Franciscan Monastery Library, which holds two copies of the famous Dalmatian Bible;
  • Mozirski gaj, flower park along the river Savinja;
  • Gornji grad Cathedral, the largest Baroque cathedral in Slovenia.

The most beautiful experiences in the Upper Savinja Valley

  • rafting, kayaking school on the river Savinja, canyoning;
  • skiing and sledding on Golte;
  • cycling along the Solčava panoramic road and tasting local delicacies on tourist farms;
  • a mountain tour to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps;
  • enjoying hospitality on large mountain farms and socializing with genuine locals;
  • fishing in hidden parts of the Savinja River;
  • cross-country skiing in Logarska valley and along the lakes of the Šaleška valley;