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Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Velenje’s Lakes

If you like wind in your hair, lounging around in the sun, visit a popular Velenje lake.

Velenje Lake, a Real Summer Refreshment 

Velenje and Šalek lakes are artificial lakes created as a side effect of lignite excavation. Lakes used to be rural settlements that sunk and disappeared under water. Velenje lake is the most popular out the three lakes. It is one of the biggest lakes in Slovenia, with a surface of approximately 1.4 km2 and a volume of 30.5 million m3.

Experiences at various lakes

  • Velenje’s beach at Lake Velenje;
  • SUP or bout rides;
  • hiking and biking trails;
  • sailing school;
  • camping by the lake;
  • horse riding;
  • bird watching;
  • VISTA park events & panoramas
  • fishing.

Lake Velenje does not yet have bathing water status, therefore you swim exclusivity at your own risk. 

There is also a sports centre with outdoor and indoor tennis courts, volleyball, football and basketball courts, as well as golf, mini golf and fitness centre.

Šalek Lake and landscape park Škale

Škale lake is the smallest lake, its surroundings offers excellent conditions for the settlement of numerous animal and plant species. The area is covered by the lake, swamps, shrubs, forests, meadows, orchards, where 120 species of birds were observed, of which 29 are endangered. The abundance of living space is protected under the of the Landscape Park Škale.

Družimirsko lake is the deepest lake in Slovenia and is still the most actively spreading due to excavation. The lake is not suitable for swimming.

More Information – Velenje Lakes:

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