Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Vulkan Smrekovec

It is 1577m tall extinct volcano, is a home to a number of rare flower species and one of the largest areas of wild roosters. The area belongs to the European network of ecologically protected areas Natura 2000.

Regional park and nature reserve

Smrekovec is a 15 km long mountain range in the Alps, which is also protected as a geological and botanical reserve Smrekovec – Komen. Smrekovec volcano was active during in the terrarium geological periods, 23 million years ago. At that time, it was laying under the sea, spitting erupting several times in succession. Typical stones are andesite and andesite tuff. A specific and varied flora has developed, e.g. Kochov svišč (Gentiana acaulis), Zvončica (Campanula residifalia), Alpine Azaleas (Loiseleuria procumbens). The area is an extremely important aquatic resource.

The popular hiking point of the Upper Savinja Valley, Smrekovec lies on the eastern edge of the Smrekovec mountain range. The grassy pyramid shaped summit is surrounded by large spruce forests with a very distant view. You can take a rest in mountain hut.

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