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Zgornja Savinjska Dolina

Savinja River

A 102 km long river of a torrential character whose waters originate in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Savinja River originates above the Rinka Falls one of the most visited Slovenian waterfalls. It disappears in limestone and is then fed by Črna spring, where Savinja gets its name. From Logarska Valley to Ljubno it runs 20 km through rocky and beautiful ravine as a natural monument of Slovenia.

The Savinja river was in the past an important source of energy for the propagation of many sawmills. Until the beginning of World War II it was also an important log diving route. Today is a popular location for water sports enthusiasts.

Water sports on the Savinja river

  • rafting and kayaking on the Savinja River,
  • bellyak,
  • swimming,
  • fishing

Always visit the river well equipped, accompanied by trained guides to ensure safe and pleasant adventure. It is the best to book a trip with a sports agency.

Natural sights and experiences on the Savinja River

  • Rinka Falls, the first spring of the Savinja river, a 90 m high waterfall,
  • Črna spring, the second spring of the river Savinja,
  • the Savinja Ravine near Igla and the piercing spring, a natural value of national importance,
  • Log Divers’ Ball, a traditional event that revives old customs of wood rafting along the Savinja River.

The Savinja River watercourse is characterized by significant fluctuations in the flows, the ratio between the smallest and the largest inflows can be more than 100 times.